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1 a propelling force
2 the act of propelling [syn: actuation]

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Medieval Latin propulsio or propulsion- (expulsion, driving away).


  1. A force causing movement.

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force causing movement

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action and reaction, aeromotor, atomic power, bunt, butt, clout, compulsion, drive, driving force, electric power, electropower, horsepower, hydraulic power, hydroelectric power, impellent, impelling force, impetus, impulse, impulsion, incentive, incitement, irresistible force, jet power, jet propulsion, manpower, moment, momentum, motive power, nuclear power, piston power, power, power plant, pressure, propelling, propelment, pulsion, push, pushing, ram-jet propulsion, reaction, reaction propulsion, resojet propulsion, rocket power, rocket propulsion, shove, shoving, shunt, solar power, steam power, thermonuclear power, thrust, turbojet propulsion, water power
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